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I bring a unique perspective developed through my experiences working with diplomats, rural community-based organizations, and clinicians to every problem I approach. Through reflection on my career, I have realized that technology is the common thread through every solution I have implemented. From digitizing data collection on data quality at the ICAP Harlem Prevention Center, to professional development trainings I facilitated on how to use Excel to organize progress reports to send to grantors as a Peace Corps volunteer - technology has always been at the center. I am excited to contribute to innovations in the tech industry through utilizing the power of data to inform smart business decisions in service to this vision.

Through my experience as a Community HIV Outreach volunteer in the Peace Corps in South Africa, I became enchanted by the power data has to shape decision making. During a workshop on the epidemiology of HIV, I was exposed to the level of influence epidemiological analyses have on public policy. This was the beginning of my career in Data Science. 

After getting my Master's degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, I decided to delve further into different aspects of data and analytics at the ICAP Harlem Prevention Center at Columbia University. As the Senior Data Manager there I had the opportunity to shape the data governance standard operating procedures followed at the site. I implemented monthly analyses of the data collection quality at the site to develop insights into which policies were working and which were not to inform improvements in SOPs. I implemented these changes through facilitating workshops and trainings as well as redesigning workflows. 

A common theme in my experiences working at community based organizations and academic institutions is the power technology has to accelerate peoples' lives. This has inspired my career move into the tech industry where I can work to shape the development of technology through data driven decision making. 

I am excited to embark on this new career path where I can apply my unique skills in constructing data narratives through my background in epidemiology and employ my expanded set of technical skills acquired in the Brainstation Data Science Bootcamp. 

Please reach out if anything in my profile has resonated with you, or if you want to talk Spotify playlists, delicious recipes and/or web3!

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